The main long-term goal of Cherry Stake Pool, just like that of any other sustainably managed stake pool, is to become a meaningful contributor to the Cardano blockchain’s stability, vitality and decentralization. In order to achieve this goal, the stake pool needs to grow to a size that enables it to create blocks on a regular basis. Since Cardano is based on a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, this means a certain amount of stake in the form of ADA needs to be delegated to the pool.

Cherry Stake Pool‘s pledge is currently set to 25000 ADA, which by itself is not enough to predictably mint at least one block per epoch and therefore generate a steady flow of revenue. However, by delegating your wallet to the pool, your ADAs will increase the pool’s stake and, hence, its likelihood to create blocks. At the same time, your delegated stake will entitle you to receive returns proportional to the relative amount of stake you delegated to the pool. The process of distributing rewards is handled automatically by the blockchain protocol. In case you have questions or need assistance with staking, feel free to use the contact channels provided in the menu to get in contact.

As you can see from the “Technical Details” section, a lot of effort has gone into making Cherry Stake Pool not only reliable and safe, but also into making it as (time and resource) efficient as possible to manage. As a result, the variable margin is set to 0% and running costs will be compensated for only by the minimum fixed fee of 340 ADA per minted block. The pool operator has no intent of generating profit from pool operations, which leaves all block rewards to be distributed amongst the delegators proportionally.